The Sacred Network


Our Mission

The Sacred Network is a platform designed to bring spiritually minded people together for the good of humanity, the living planet and all sentient beings.

Our Aim

To share knowledge of where local powerful energetic sacred sites can be found.

To support grow local spiritual interfaith groups with the help of these sites.

To help these local groups become interdependently connected so that relevant and timely information can be shared between them.

Our Principles

We welcome all open-minded, moderate thinking, spiritual people who seek freedom and truth.

We define moderate thinking spiritual people as those who consider that everyone from all faiths have a right to believe the way that they do and they don’t hold the extreme view that their religion is superior to all others.

One of the ways we can all accept this is to consider that the words God, The Universal mind, Cosmic consciousness etc. are all referring to one and the same.

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Navigating Around The Website

Sites Map Page

The sites map contains a World map that shows where local sacred sites have been identified. More will be added as they are rediscovered so please bear with us as it takes time to do this. These sites are accessible locations where there are symmetrical intersections of the Worlds larger Earth energy lines. These Energy lines are not shown on this World map but, as the tracking of the main energy lines in a country has been completed, these country maps will be shown elsewhere in the website.

Not all major energy intersections are accessible – like those on the tops of mountains or those on private property. The focus initially is on the identification of local accessible sites so that group meditation can occur on them.

You can scroll into an area of the World to find these sites and click on them for more information. A search bar has been added to help you find any group meditation events that may be being held at that location.

Each intersection is notated with either LV or N. (LV stands for a Large Vortex and N stands for node).

Each node is numbered from one to six. N1 indicates a 1 st order node (Two pairs of type 5 lines). N2 is a 2 nd order node (One type 5 line and 2 or 4 pairs of type 4 lines), N3 is a 3 rd order node (One type 5 line and one pair of type 4 lines) N4 is a 4 th order node (2 or 4 pairs of type 4 lines), N5 is a 5 th order node (One pair of type 4 lines) and N6 is a 6 th order node (No type 4 or type 5 lines).

The numbers after LV indicate whether the vortex consists of solely type 1, type 2 or type 3 energy lines.

Any marker on the map that does not have these notations represents an online or an onsite meditation event that is being held at that location. This location may well be a valid sacred site but one which has yet to be confirmed in regards to it also being a symmetrical Earth energy node or large vortex.

It should be remembered that the sacredness of a place depends on the numbers of people who pray or meditate at a site and how often as well as the nature of the earth energy intersection.

Search Filter

On the sites page you can enter the name of a site and/or a date range to find any events planned for that site within that date range. They will then appear listed below the map for you to select. By clicking on an event you will be taken to that event page where you can book a place at that event. Booking a place is all about sacred site management as some places do not have room for large groups to gather. This is also why events also have place numbers. Multiple events at the same location on the same day can be arranged at different times of the day.

The facilitator of that event will then receive a message about your booking and with your email address. They will then contact you nearer the time with regards to further information about that event. You will also be able to message the facilitator via this event page.

Add Listing

You will also notice an ‘Add listing’ button. Anyone can create an event at any location and at any time – just make sure you are not creating one at the same time on the same day. Instead select a different time and message the other facilitator out of courtesy to let them know about your event.

As the awakening process grows, more people will be drawn to meditate at special sacred sites. This facilitator driven booking system will enable a form of site management.

This system will also enable existing meditation groups to book time slots at a sacred site and be able to work together in uninterrupted ways.

Members will be able to search for events on the Sites map page.

My Profile Page

This page provides you with an overview of your own personal information that you are happy to share on this site. As this site is built on the encrypted blockchain, data is split up into small pieces spread out over many different databases in ways that make it impossible for anyone to put together in any sensible way without having the right key. This provides almost complete privacy from any large organisation wanting to track a person’s activity, their information and their content. The word ‘almost’ is used because we just cannot be certain about what we do not yet know about.

On this overview page you can choose to look deeper into other areas :- Information (Info), Media, Groups, Newsfeed, Current connections, Forums, Bookmarks. Clicking on the ‘Info’ button will take you to a page where you can then click on the ‘edit icon’ to be taken to a screen that allows you to put together a profile about yourself. You can also adjust your account settings (passwords etc) and you can ‘Set widgets’. This ‘Set widgets’ button takes you to a page that will allow you to highlight whatever aims, skills and interests you want to share with other members. You will also be able to promote your personal and business activities to other members.

From the overview page you can also add Images to your profile pag via the ‘Media’ link. Video, Audio and other files will also be able to be added at a future date which will allow you to share these onto your groups pages.

My Groups Page

By clicking on the ‘Groups’ link (under the members options) you will be taken to a list of the groups you have joined.

On the main menu there is an ‘All groups’ button which will take you to a page where you can search for groups in a directory of all groups on the website.

This ‘All Groups’ page also has a link to your ‘My Groups’ and it allows you to start a group of your own. You can make it a private or a public group and personalise it the way you want it to look.

Anyone can therefore start and promote their own groups. All we ask is that it is obvious that they conform to the mission, aims and principles of this website.

My Newsfeeds Page

By joining other groups and by starting your own, your own newsfeed page will be where you can post comments either to all groups, just your groups or just one group in particular and you will be able to read other peoples comments that come from your groups and the groups that you have joined.

If you have started many groups and joined many too, there are ways you can filter all the information that goes out and comes into this page.

My Forums

Having set up your own group you can then start discussion forums that relate and connect to that group. Again all we ask is that these discussion topics and subjects obviously relate to the mission, aims and the principles of this website.

You can also join public groups and their forums or be invited to private groups and their forums. If you have started a private group you will also be able to invite others to join that group.

It is hoped that more personal information that can come from dreams meditations and visions can be shared and discussed privately in this way – all in a total encrypted environment. Sharing vital information that comes through from the subconscious mind, is going to be important as we have much to learn about the new energetic environment we are entering into.

My Current Connections

On the Sacred Network we automatically consider all members to be friends. However, as we live in a World with time constraints, where it comes to our projects and our groups on this website, there is temporary status we can all allocate to other members where more immediate contact becomes necessary.

This allows us to more quickly access and send information to these people over a chosen time period. This allows members to apply a ‘currently connected’ (CC) status to certain members.

Being currently connected, then currently unconnected and then currently connected again is now just related to working time constraints.

My Events Dashboard

For those members wishing to run either online or onsite meditation events there is a dashboard that helps facilitate this.

All members have access to this too as it contains a record of any booked events as well.

My Messages

As part of the event booking system the dashboard also provides an inbox for any messages received in regards to their bookings.

About The Planned Website Development

Built into this website is a record of the number of members, groups and events that are held. This allows us to monitor how successful the site is becoming. As we hit certain targets, the animation sequence on the home page will be extended.

As part of this process and part of a verification system to stop fake accounts being set up by sources using AI, we have introduced a status for members and facilitators.

Verified Status

Everyone who joins the website will begin as an unverified member and an unverified facilitator. To become a verified member you must be verified by a verified facilitator. To become a verified facilitator you must be verified by a verified member. This is of course a chicken and egg conundrum that AI cannot get around.

Humans can get around this though as we can start by verifying people we already know who we have met and who we have meditated with. Our founding members will all be automatically given verified member status and we will also add other people who we know are facilitators of group meditations. Verification is a quick tick box exercise so it will not be long before the numbers of verified members and verified facilitators grow.

Free Membership

The intention is to always have free membership for this website so that many people can join.

However the running costs of this site need to be addressed in the future and the cost of using many servers around the World, which allows for encryption and privacy increases over time. For this reason we will be introducing two optional ways to cover these costs.

Sponsoring Members

This will be ready in January 2023

The first way we are going to do this is to introduce the concept of sponsoring members. For a small monthly donation sponsoring members will have added storage capability. This will allow them to upload videos and more data onto their pages as well as other benefits that we are in the process of considering.

The second way to raise income to cover the costs of this site will be via running discussion groups.

Discussion Groups

In January 2023 it is hoped to start the group discussion module program. Every member will be able to join the initial group discussion module or facilitate it with their own group. Facilitator guidebooks and delegate notebooks are being prepared for this. A one off purchase of these books will be all that is required.

Should people wish to continue further anyone who has completed the initial module can become a facilitator for the next module and run their own discussion onsite groups or online groups and promote and manage these on this website via a booking and a payment system that will be integrated for this purpose. Payments made to book on to these groups will be automatically redirected to the facilitators account with a small deduction that assists with the running costs of this site.

This also now provides an additional income for those people choosing to be a discussion group facilitator.

More about this will be added nearer the time as we are nearing the end of a 18 month testing phase of these modules.

The end game aim for these discussion modules is for the discussion group to continue on their own without a facilitator. It is hoped that all local working groups will aspire to this in order to help them build a strong multifaith spiritual community in their area.

Future Aims

As the numbers of groups and members grows, there will be a greater need for more efficient and effective interactivity between them all in order to assist with the sharing of vital information that is brought through from the subconscious mind and its interactions during dreams and mediations. For this reason a search word topic function is being designed in order to quickly find other people who are experiencing similar, possibly synchronous events and observations.

As the number of members reaches the tens of thousands, we will be considering another round of small donations in order to develop very special sacred sites around the World. This will be for land purchase and site development and local management integration in order to help these become places for group pilgrimage.

The purpose behind this is to enhance the group meditation learning process.

Our Ultimate Aim

This may seem a strange goal to have but our ultimate aim is to reach a point where the site is not needed anymore. Local groups will be working well together and interconnected regionally, nationally and internationally through a variety of ways that the groups have learnt to master.

We must be able to continue to learn develop and grow without the use of the internet as this may well have been shut down or stopped for several reasons.